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Genetic Engineering Essay - 633 Words

Genetic Engineering Two years ago, genetically engineered bacteria, which unexpectently killed beneficial soil fungi, escaped into sewers through human error and have become toxic to plants and survived when expected not to.3 These are the sorts of consequences that come with playing God. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) - the chemical compound that makes up the genes and determines the type of proteins a cell can make - is the core of genetic engineering. It can be manipulated in ways we could never dream of such as a new species of a catwoman or fishman. There are so many questions that each person must ask each other before making any sort of decision that would effect the future of genetic engineering towards humans. The risks of DNA†¦show more content†¦Reports on genetic engineering show that scientists and reporters rarely reveal the powerful dangers at present. It just shows that some regulation is desperately needed. Even if it only limits the media and other publications. People need to know the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth, which includes both sides, good and bad, and in this case, especially the bad. To many people, it is also a moral or ethical consideration. Many people feel strongly that it is not for us to decide what each person is going to look and act like. To them, the idea of playing God is an outrageous sin. If we look at this picture and understand the concept behind The Angel weaving our genes to create us,2 we see the importance of listening to other people and their beliefs. When there are stands against genetic engineering from these people we must listen to them also and not cast them away as just religious fanatics or bible bashers. Not only does gene shopping create a greater similarity among people, but it leaves the door open for total annihilation of the species. When there are a great load of people with similar make-ups, the threat of disease increases. If one person gets a disease, all those similar to him/her will be vulnerable to the disease as well. Immune systems are not able to combat the viruses and bacteria because there is no variety. DNA strands are just too delicate and complex. The idea of that we can fullyShow MoreRelatedGenetic Engineering ( Genetic Modification )991 Words   |  4 PagesRevised HOMEWORK 1 (a) Genetic engineering (genetic modification) is a process by which an organism’s genome can be modified using various biotechnology techniques. The process involves manipulating the DNA of an organism or transferring genes into an organism to create a new and improved version. DNA sequences of certain organisms are inserted into different organisms or within the same organism to help us obtain favorable outcomes. Genetic engineering can be used to increase the disease resistanceRead MoreGenetic Engineering And Human Engineering3020 Words   |  13 PagesGenetic engineering is a highly debated topic across the world right now as countries are split for and against genetically altering crops and livestock. The simple definition for genetic engineering according to CSIRO is â€Å"The use of modern biotechnology techniques to change genes of an organism, such as plant or animal.†(CSIRO, 2007) The techniques or steps to genetic engineering are quite technical. The first stage of genetic engineering is to isolate the DNA from the organism. Once the DNA strandRead MoreGenetic Engineering In Our Food.. Genetic Engineering,1514 Words   |  7 PagesGenetic Engineering in Our Food Genetic Engineering, more accurately referred to as â€Å"Bioballistics† a process where a small metal projectile is covered in plasmid DNA is fired at a small petri dish where Germ Cells of another organism awaits. The disruption of the cells delicate state causes destabilization, and the cells stabilize elements from both the fired DNA and the Germ cells merge. This process did not exist until quite recently, between the years 1983 and 1986 the first Gene Gun was developedRead MoreThe Process Of Genetic Engineering2336 Words   |  10 PagesWhat is genetic engineering? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 History of genetic modified food--------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.2 The process of genetic engineering in crop (plant) --------------------------------------------- 2.0 Genetic modified crops worldwide----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Leading countries implementing genetic engineering------------------------------------------Read MoreGenetic Engineering Of A Food979 Words   |  4 PagesGenetic Engineering Agitation Imagine a world where medicines are taken by eating bananas, there are no shots, where tomatoes outlive frosts, plants are pesticide resistant, and one can get their recommended daily vitamins from rice. These occurrences are real, and they have succeeded. Scientist who study biotechnology use genetic engineering to create healthier and longer lasting food. This new technology is evolutionary and has many benefits, but it also has downfalls. Genetic engineering, or geneticallyRead MoreWhat Are Genetic Engineering?1634 Words   |  7 Pagesstrategies include endowment of nutrient supplements, enrichment of processed foods to contain more nutrient content, and enhancement of staple crops with increases essential nutrient contents, known as biofortification (Zhu et al., 2007). Genetic engineering (GE) has proven to be the consistent approach for biofortification due to the limitless diversity available within the specific gene pools of the staple foods and can, therefore, be implemented directly to cultivars without the complex breedingRead MoreGenetic Engineering : Science And The Economy1495 Words   |  6 Pagesordered main course would preferably be prepared baked, fried, or genetically engineered. Though odd, this question is coming sooner than later. Even though genetic engineering has been around for a long time, due to its increased advances, no longer is it an ignored issue. In fact, it is causing quite a controversy. Some feel, genetic engineering is a scientist s way of playing God, creating elements and bodies that were not intended to be on Earth. Possibly, there is some truth to this belief;Read More Genetic Engineering Essay example2745 Words   |  11 PagesGenetic Engineering There are many risks involved in genetic engineering. The release of genetically altered organisms in the environment can increase human suffering, decrease animal welfare, and lead to ecological disasters. The containment of biotechnological material in laboratories and industrial plants contributes to the risk of accidental release, especially if the handling and storage are inadequate. The purely political dangers include intensified economic inequality, the possibilityRead MoreGenetic Engineering : Genetic Modification1518 Words   |  7 Pageswrite my paper about Genetic engineering also known as genetic modification. In a nutshell genetic engineering is the modification of an organism s genetic composition by artificial means, often involving the transfer of specific traits, or genes, from one organism into a plant or animal of an entirely different species. This topic has been researched for decades but still has quite some time to be fully mastered in all possible circumstan ces. When I think of genetic engineering I think of differentRead MoreThe Genetic Engineering of Human Food1924 Words   |  8 Pages Genetic Engineering refers to the direct manipulation of the genetic information of living beings. The genes, embedded in the DNA, are the blueprints of life which determine particular traits in an organism. With Biotechnology, Genetic Engineers are able to replace these genes from one organism to another, resulting in completely new combinations of traits which do not occur in nature. These Genetically Modified Organisms are artificially enhanced to express desired characteristics that are useful

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Analysis Of Dante Alihieri s Purgatorio By Dante Is...

In Dante Alihieri’s Purgatorio, Dante is climbing up the Mount of Purgatory. Dante encounters many trials that he must face with the help of Virgil (human reason). The closer Dante gets the to the top of Purgatory the more and more Virgil fades away and when he finally does disappear Beatrice is there to be Dante’s guide.. Throughout Purgatorio, Alihieri uses Beatrice not only as a symbol to portray the medieval church but also a light. This is why Dante is blinded by the sight of Beatrice when she drops the veil. Most commentators agree with idea of Beatrice being a symbol of both the church and light while Bernard Stambler agrees with this but he expands upon that symbol. While most commentators believe that Beatrice is an accurate example of the Church, others tend to believe that the chariot that Alihieri talks about in Canto 32 is a more accurate representation of the church. John Carroll was one of the ones to believe this. In Stambler’s book, Dante’s Other World; the Purgatorio as Guide to the Divine Comedy, he talks about how Beatrice is more than just one symbol in Canto 32 and 33 in Purgatorio. He says that â€Å"first, the essential function of the Church throughout the purgatorial process and through the further preparation of the soul for its entrance to heaven; second, the material decay into which the Church as an institution had fallen through her usurpation of temporal functions† (Stambler 271). He is saying that Beatrice is a symbol for Church but he expands

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Private Pension Plan Essay Example For Students

Private Pension Plan Essay The Current Social Security system should be replaced by a mandatory Private Pension plan. There are different types of investment plans one could choose before or even after they retire. Social Security is what everyone depends on once they retire at 65. Some people may even need to work beyond the age of 65 due to the lack of money they receive from Social Security. With a Pension plan you are insured to receive the money you worked hard for and maybe even a little more, Most pension plans are insured, but some of the smaller pension plans are not covered.(PBGC 1)One disadvantage about Social Security is that there is a limit on how much you can make each year, the maximum social security retirement benefits for a worker retiring at 65 is $1,536.(SSA 1) If you collect over this amount of money you better be ready to pay the government back big time. Social Security and your Pension Plan come out of your check each week, but you get to decide where you want that Pension Plan to take you. Your Social Security goes right to the state for when you retire at 65. Both the Pension Plan and Social Security have age requirements, but both age requirements are the same. Which means if you retire before 65 half of your money will go to the government if you have it all in Social Security. Most Pension Plans will make you some money in the future for when you are ready to retire!You could invest your money into all different types of accounts for when you retire. There is the 401K plan, timeshares, mutual funds, Roth IRA, and Stocks. A good example of saving now would be, I have my own Pension Plan. I have what is called a Roth IRA. Which is, each year I put away $2,000 dollars in a special account for me when I retire. When I do retire I will have enough money to live comfortable and happy! A lot of people invest there Pension into a 401K plan, which is similar to the Roth IRA, Employees who participate in 401K plans assume responsibility for their retirement income by contributing part of their salary and, in many instances, by directing their own investments. In a 401K plan, your account balance will determine the amount of retirement income you will receive from the plan. (PWBA 1)These are just some examples of the many investment plans there is to offer to the people of the country. I fell that it is morally wrong to take Social Security from the people of the country when who knows if there will even be any money for us there when we retire. At the rate this world is growing there might not be any money to collect in 40 years. And there went all our Social Security and how am I now suppose to live. If you place your money in a Private Pension Plan you can rely on that money to be there for when you retire and it may even gain interest. Pension Plans are better for the country because you can uphold your own personal retirement fund. The current Social Security system should be replaced by a mandatory Private Pension system because I feel that if we the people of the country dont stand up for our rights now, we will be working for the rest of our lives. Private Pension Plans will provide you with all you will need when you retire at 65. You will be worry free of the aggravation of Social Security. Social Security and Private Pension Plans both have their advanta ges and disadvantages, but I feel that if the young people can start saving for their future now, it will be a better future for everybody!Social Security Administration. 25 November 2000(updated) October 2000) 1pg. .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 , .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 .postImageUrl , .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 , .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92:hover , .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92:visited , .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92:active { border:0!important; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92:active , .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92 .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u22b2ce4b00ec14c41623f5e00c198b92:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Mental Illness EssayPension and Welfare Benefits Administration. 20 November 2000(updated) October 2000) 4pgs. Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation. 28 November 2000(updated) Nov. 2000) 1pg. Bibliography:

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Suppy Chain Management at Rahimafrooz Superstore Limited free essay sample

Afrooz is one of the leading business groups in Bangladesh. It is doing business in the country for more than 50 years with fame and reputation. The main strength of the group is its reputation of doing ethical business practice. Throughout its business during last 50 years, it has mainly operated in the automotive industry. Recently it has extended its business in energy and retailing business. It operates in an SBU model. The SBUs of RahimAfrooz are: 1. RahimAfrooz Batteries Limited 2. RahimAfrooz Distributions Limited 3. RahimAfrooz Superstore Limited 4. RahimAfrooz Energy Services Limited . Excel Retreads Limited 6. Super Abrasives Limited 7. Greyfab Limited 8. Arzed Limited 9. RahimAfrooz CNG limited 10. Metronet limited This report is made for RahimAfrooz Superstore Limited. The brand name for this SBU is Agora. It is the leading superstore in the Dhaka city. It has revolutionized the retailing industry of Bangladesh. It is established to provide quality shopping experience for its customers. With four large outlets in Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Maghbazar and Sobhanbagh, it is also the largest retailer in the country. We will write a custom essay sample on Suppy Chain Management at Rahimafrooz Superstore Limited or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It is offering more than 20,000 items under one roof. These items are divided into 11 categories. The categories are: Household, Grocery, Meat, Fish, Vegetable, Fruits, Fast food, Dairy, Bakery, Pharmacy, and Cosmetics. Since the inception of Agora, the modern retailing industry is developing in the country. Now quite a number of modern retailing shops are operating in the country. All of them are mostly Dhaka based. But many of the big players of the industry are thinking going outside of the capital city. Although there are number of modern retailer operating in the country, every does not have the strength and potential to challenge superstore like Agora. But some of them are really competing. The main competition Agora is facing from the following companies: 1. Nandan Mega Shop 2. Meena Bazaar 3. Price, Quality Services (PQS) 4. Shop Save 5. Ko Mart 6. Almas Super Shop Agora has formulated an ambitious plan to be realized by the year 2010. They named it vision 2010. By the year 2010 Agora dreams to be 1000 crore taka company. Presently their yearly turnover is only 70 crore taka. And they are operating with four outlets in Dhaka city. They wish to have about 43 outlets by 2010. They not only want to be in Dhaka city but also expand their business through out the country. Agora operates with six departments. These are: 1. Operations Department 2. Purchase Department 3. Marketing Department 4. Finance and Accounts Department 5. IT department 6. Human Resources Department The operation is divided in to parts. -Head Office based -Outlet based The operation of outlet is under operations department. The operation is centered on the superstore management software agora use. The total procedure is controlled by the database in that software. The software has four modules: 1. Flexsim Back Office 2. Flexsim CPU 3. Flexsim Point of Sales 4. Flexsim Accounts The supply chain is the key business activity of Agora. To move ahead Agora needs to improve its supply chain. This report is mainly originated to search ways of improving supply chain. The two main objectives of the report are: -Find the solution for overstock problem Agora is experiencing -Find the areas in supply chain where special focus is required Due to overstock situation, Agora has experiencing several problems. Some of these problems were: Managing the items are getting difficult -Higher amount of working capital is required for supplier payment -Payment to the suppliers are getting irregular, which resulting dissatisfied suppliers -Wastage is increasing -In an effort to decrease SIH, they are ordering lower amount. As a result some fast moving items are getting out of stock soon. And sales are getting lost. -Managing the self space is getting tougher, resulting lowering of impulse purchase To find out the reasons of overstock problem we have got involved in the very process and found out several loopholes in the procedure. These loopholes are shown below: -GRN is not done in a timely manner -Seasonality is not taken care of properly -Regular monitoring of physical stock is not taken place -Code mismatching takes place while selling the items -Gondola stock is not managed properly -The merchandiser’s activities are not controlled properly -Storage space is not well managed -PR is given to the suppliers before getting approval from the purchase department -Software is slow to encourage checking of stock -Software does not allow purchase department to change the PR generated by back office As the reasons are identified, the task remaining is only to remove the reasons. At least apparently it seems like so. But in reality all the reasons are not removable directly. Like up gradation of software is a very costly and time consuming affair. So some indirect solutions are required. Following are the proposed alternative solutions: -Imposition of order limit -Imposition of order cycle -Removing slow moving items -Removing some category wise suppliers At the same time the importance of continuous monitoring is emphasized. Some of the areas are identified in which continuous monitoring is required. These are: -Checking orders regularly for their authenticity -Regular checking of physical stock -Regular revising of order limit amount -Considering irregular demand pattern during events like Eid, Ramadan, New Year etc. -Considering seasonality while regular revising of order limit amount -Order process specified above is followed strictly Taking the proposed measures and continuous monitoring in the areas identified will add to the betterment of inventory management.

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Human Genome Project essays

Human Genome Project essays When I first heard of the Human Genome Project I thought it was just some minor study of the human DNA. As I dug into it more, I learned that it is a very enormous study led by the DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) and the National Institute of Health . The study started in 1990 and it is suppose to be finished in the year 2003. Doing this task made me realize how interesting and helpful this Science project is to our population. We as humans now can tell what our body is made up of and how it really functions. We can have a better idea about our differences in the natural world between us and other living organisms. The first thing I wanted to find out what is the study about and what are the goals that scientists want to achieve. I found out that there are many goals of this study. One of the major goals is to identify all of our approximately 30,000 genes that we carry in our human DNA, which is also known as the deoxyribonucleic acid. The DNA is located in the nucleus of a cell. The DNA is made up of 3 billion base pairs. Those 3 billion sequences of base pairs we call a genome, which makes up the complete set of our DNA All human cells contain a complete genome except for the mature red bloodcells. Another goal of the scientists was actually to determine the 3 billion sequences that make up our DNA. DNA in the human genome is arranged into 24 distinct chromosomes. Each chromosome contains many genes. What is a gene? Its the basic physical unit of heredity. The estimate says that there are between 30,000 to 40,000 genes in our body. Scientists arent able to give the exact number yet. The main thing that I learned about and that caught my eye was the statistics of the genome and how scientists have the technology to explore such a small part of the human body. It seems that if they figure this out theyll be able to do anything after that. Its unbelievable how they are ab ...

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The Impacts of Digital Technologies on the Political Economy of the Essay

The Impacts of Digital Technologies on the Political Economy of the United States Movie Industry - Essay Example On the other hand, new movies by established film producers draw attention even before they are officially released to the market. As a result, the independent film makers have resorted to digital technologies and social networking sites to promote and distribute their movies. Owing to the current situation, this research paper investigates the benefits and challenges which are experienced by independent film producers whenever they are using the latest digital technologies to promote and distribute their films to their fans. The paper would emphasize the impacts of digital revolution on the independent filmmakers’ ability to reach international consumers. The role of technology in the film industry cannot be ignored. Technology changed the operations and activities of the film industry in a major way, altering the way people interacted, the nature of the operations, and the marketing strategies for the films. However, the specific area of film affected has always been debatable with researchers focusing on the social aspects of the technological effects. Focus on the political aspect of the film industry environment is important as it helps create even more insights for the people. Kim et al 194 states that the digital technologies in the United States of America have enhanced communication and modernization in most of the sectors. In the film industry, the digital technology has yielded both positive and negative results in equal measure. Digital technologies have reduced the live shows for the films. Most of the films are bought on digital media instead of people attending the live shows (Kim et al 194). According to Kim et al 194, the purchase of the films on digital media is enhanced by a number of factors. First, the ability to produce digital storages like hard drives has enhanced the portability of the films making people to buy and use them in home appliances. More so, the development of digital transmission in the United States of America has

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Accepted Accounting Principles related to Health Care Essay - 1

Accepted Accounting Principles related to Health Care - Essay Example Inother words, it separates the business from its owners and treats it as an economic unit. Only assets, liabilities, and owners equity related to the group or organization are on one financial statement. If there are sub entities, the financial records of these entities are maintained separately. The second principle is the going - concern concept which is a presumption that the group or organization will be running in the future and will not be liquidated in the next 12 months. It is a very concept in case of healthcare business because hospitals, nursing homes, etc. which do not intend to stay in business the net realizable value of the asset may be not ascertained and could be sold at a much higher price than they worth at the moment of sale. The third principle is the matching principle which is a combination of cash accounting and accrual accounting. The matching principle and cash accounting states that revenue or expenses are recognized only when the organization receives cash or pays cash. For example, medical equipments are recognized in the books of accounts only when the cash is paid out in entirety. The problem therefore is, all transactions that are not done on a cash basis and not done in the same accounting year are not recognized which gives a deceptive picture of what actually occurred a respective accounting year. On the other hand, when accrual accounting is done this gives the actual as to what occurred in that year. An example of this is if an organization provides care for a patient but does not receive reimbursement until the following year but the funds will be documented on the year the patient was cared for. The fourth principle is known as the historical cost principle and states that the cost of a resource is what the organization pays to receive the economic need. Historical cost does not reflect the current market valuation of the asset. Therefore the problem with the cost principle for example is if a hospital pays twenty